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gloweco products

The Gloweco range of products are the sustainable choice and the alternative to lump wood charcoal, our products have been designed to meet exacting standards and they are fully sustainable, the Gloweco concept has major ecological benefits and will be the choice for caring consumers.

The truth is that if you start using Gloweco products right now you can help to reduce deforestation, we cannot undo the problems we have caused, but with intervention we can help change the future.

Gloweco products are restaurant grade and trials have shown that the performance of our briquettes is far better than lump wood charcoal, our 40mm briquettes have a faster ignition time and our 60mm briquettes have a much longer burn time making them the ideal replacement to lump wood charcoal.

Contact us today to see how they can reduce your costs while at the same time making your operations more sustainable.