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About Us

Gloweco are a team of seasoned professionals that have been introducing sustainable alternatives to the hospitality sector. It is the same management behind the highly successful brand Cleaner Products that has become the first choice of many marrket leading brands. For over a decade this team have been raising the bar and adding value to a very impressive portfolio of clients. 

About Us


The senior management behind Gloweco have developed some awesome brands. It's the same team that launched Cleaner Products Limited which has become a market leading company in the  hospitality and catering sectors for Cleaning & Hygiene products. Like Cleaner Products the brand Gloweco has strong family values and family-owned companies have a longer-term view and conservative focus and rely less on external funding and invest more in research and development.

Our team of directors have designed a dynamic customer care system that is as unique as a fingerprint, we provide an unprecedented approach to service and an excellent standard of genuine care. Across all of our businesses, we deliver peace of mind to customers, partners, and communities now and for generations to come in order to make all of our future more vibrant and sustainable

............and is this our final offering, not so likely, we will be adding more exciting companies to our family group of brands.